Monday, April 30, 2012

Moved from 3 to Vodafone with One Sweet Deal

I was on the $29 plan with three and a data pack so with about 2 months left of my contract, I contacted Vodafone about recontracting. At the time the Samsung Galaxy Nexus was (and still is I think) at $5 per month on the $29 plan.

After some talking, I managed to get the lady to agree to give me the phone for free on the $29 plan. They waived the remaining two months of my 3 contract which saved about $65 as well as the $5 per month handset fee which would save $120 across the whole contract. Once I connected with Vodafone, I talked to them asking whether the phone came with 1GB data and he said he would enable 12 months with 1GB free data! Talk to Vodafone Australia as they are very willing to do deals for customers.

Friday, April 27, 2012

8 Things I Love about the Galaxy Nexus

For those that are shopping around for a phone, here's a list of things I love about having a Samsung Galaxy Nexus

  1. Its on Android - no more trying to get my Symbian or Meego phone to fit in with Android's quirks. Having a Google phone means that the features coming from Google work as they should, just maybe not always first time around.
  2. Google Maps with Navigation - It was one thing that Nokia had over Google, until Google brought out Google Navigation. 
  3. Instant upload - I've already mentioned this in an earlier post so backtrack for more information
  4. NFC Beam - But I haven't found a use for this yet but having this is what you call future-proofing
  5. Games - Those games everyone is playing, yep finally I can join in
  6. Google Docs - Things finally run properly on Google Docs! I can even manage sharing of documents from the phone which is very useful for what I do.
  7. Voice to text - This feature is very quick and responsive and most importantly, very accurate. You can even dictate a whole letter if you wanted to but SMS are great with this
  8. MightyText - This app allows you to send sms from your computer as well as read them as they come through on your phone. And the amazing thing is your phone doesnt even need to be connected to your computer. You can even send and receive SMS and even manage incoming calls even if you left your phone at home! The possibilities are endless! 
What do you like about your Samsung Galaxy Nexus? Did you discover any useful tips in the above "things I love"? 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Instant Upload for Google+ is a Gamechanger

I have been spending the last few days with the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus and one of the most exciting things I have found is the slow but sure maturity of the Google social network, Plus. One of the stand out features is the use of Instant Upload. As soon as you take a photo, you can choose to have the phone automatically upload it to Google Plus into a staging area where you can choose who you would like to share the photo with.

For videos, Google Plus assumes that you don't want to use your mobile data to upload a video but will do so automatically as soon as your phone gets into a wifi network (eg when you get home). This can be customised to upload even using mobile data if you want, or you can even choose to only upload videos (or photos) only when the phone is charging.

Try out instant upload now by downloading Google Plus app to your Android device and enable instant upload.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

It all begins next week

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus has been acquired is on the way. Next week we will start blogging about all the tips, tricks and hacks that you can use to get the most out of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

If you are an owner of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, join our user group where we can discuss tips and hacks before they are even posted here.