Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Vodafone Australia Announce Jelly Bean in September

Galaxy Nexus users in Australia on the Vodafone network have a little while yet to wait for the jelly bean android OS update. The build which brings in the new Google Now features are definitely worth waiting for. At the swipe of the phone, you can start telling Google what to do such as 

1. Set my Alarm - To set your alarm, open up Google Now and press the microphone then say "set alarm for 8:30". The Nexus will then set the alarm for you.

2. Navigate to a Destination - When Google Now is told to "Navigate to Oxford University", Google Navigation will start up and start giving you directions how to get to Oxford University.

3. Play a Song - Google can also be told to "Listen to Pachobel's Canon" which will activate a search on Youtube for "Pachobel's Canon". That's pretty cool...

4. Leave Note to Self - You can also leave a note for yourself with the instruction "Note to Self" "Do not take West Ring Road" and Google will create a note on your screen for your reference later.

To see more of what voice commands you can issue to your android with a Jelly Bean update, head over to the My Nexus 7 blog.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Screen won't go off!

I managed to fix a problem that I have been having recently where the screen would not dim. I looked for rogue apps that may be keeping the screen on but that did not amount to much. It was a relatively simple fix. I looked in Settings -> Display and noticed that under SLEEP there was no time selected which is strange because I definitely had it on 1 minute a while ago. The option to not select any sleep delay wasn't even available and yet there seemed to be no delay selected. Check out your settings and you may be able to fix this problem as well. However I am at a loss as to how the phone managed to unselect ALL the options.