Thursday, June 27, 2013

Galaxy Nexus 4.2.1 on the way to Australia

Vodafone has yesterday announced that the Galaxy Nexus will be receiving a software update in the near future. The firmware version 4.2.1 brings speed increases to the phone, Gesture Typing, New Cards for Google Now, Talkback Screen reader and HDR mode for the camera.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

5 Reasons Why We Love Whatsapp

It was one of the biggest reasons why I switched to android  when Nokia did not have one little app called Whatsapp. Things have changed since then with Nokia even coming out with a phone which has a dedicated hard key for Whatsapp. And here are some reasons why we love whatsapp.

  1. FREE sms - you can message people for free! And you don't even need to have a mobile phone number when you are in another country to access whatsapp. You can just use any internet source or a data sim card. 
  2. Easy to share pics From within Whatsapp you can immediately take a photo and have it uploaded to your friends in a Whatsapp conversation. This also goes for screenshots and photos that you have already taken 
  3. Easy to share location  It's so easy to send to someone your location just by pressing on the ATTACH and then choosing LOCATION. Within seconds, whoever you are talking to will be able to find you and even use Google Maps to navigate to your location. 
  4. Easy to access from Home screen You can hold down on a conversation and within two seconds, you are given the option of adding the conversation as a shortcut on your home screen. This saves the effort of going into Whatsapp and then selecting the conversation that you would like to start. In fact, you could have a screen full of Whatsapp conversations that you would like to resume. 
  5. Easy to email conversations and images Let's say a group of you went to a wedding. A whatsapp group is created for the wedding and the conversation is hillarious and the photos shared were great. After the event, you can just hold down on the conversation and then select Email Conversation. Everything in the conversation including the photos etc will be emailled to whoever you choose to be archived for future reference in your email.
Have you noticed Google Talk which has now changed to Hangouts is slowly becoming more like Whatsapp?