Sunday, August 18, 2013

Android Releases New Find My Phone Device Manager

If you have updated your Google apps recently, you may have noticed that there is a new feature on the settings called Android Device Manager. This allows your phone to be remotely accessed via the internet to locate your phone if you have lost it or had it stolen. It is a long awaited feature for Android users and the service available at the moment is pretty primitive.

For example, I tried it just now and the device manager could not find my phone. The feature to ring your phone is also quite handy. If you dropped your phone in your house somewhere but you left the phone on silent, usually this would be the end of your treasure hunt. However, with this feature, it turns your ringer to loud and rings your phone until you press any key on your mobile to stop it.

To access your control panel, go to

Phone Clock wrong, Lagging Behind Lockscreen Clock

I know it sounds crazy but it has happened quite a few times to me already. I wake up at about 8am realising my alarm clock did not go off. It turns out that my phone clock is reading 6:24am! What is weird is that the lockscreen time is correct but the phone clock is wrong. I tried to look up google to see who else has this problem and I can't really seem too many reports of this. Leave a comment if you found this happens to your Galaxy Nexus as well. If you have a solution, I'm all ears.